Event Equipment Hire

Bathrooms for Hire

Splashdown has Australia’s largest range of potable bathroom facilities. From our bespoke luxury bathroom modules which offer the latest in environmentally superior marine vacuum technology currently used in luxury cruise ships and commercial airlines, to the latest in general admission toilets which combine modern and sleek design and practical, easy transportation and installation.

Recent additions to our fleet include the ‘artist’s trailer’ (3 ladies cubicles and 1 gents cubicle plus urinal) and the duo trailer (2 single pans), highly versatile and ready just to be rolled on and off site with delivery by 4 x 4 utility vehicle. Accessible toilets are available in luxury and standard. Read more 

Showers for Hire

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Connect 4 range of showers to our fleet. These compact and modern units can be placed anywhere and are simple to connect. They really are plug and play and we will organise the gas and the drainage. All they need is a mains supply of water or a garden tap. Also available are luxury accessible units and duo shower trailers, ideal for weddings when you have some guests staying over. Read more 

Handwash Stations for Hire

Splashdown can also provide hand wash stations, kitchen catering sinks and pot washes ranging from the Corporate 6 basin hand wash complete with luxury soap dispensers and hand towels to a practical and hard wearing Polyjohn station containing soap and paper hand towels. Kitchen catering sinks are made from heavy duty stainless steel and consist of two 45 litre sinks with a separate hand wash sink. They can be connected to mains water, electricity and waste or to remote tanks. Read more

Ticketing Booths for Hire

For a secure and comfortable unit for your staff, we can offer ticketing booths which can be utilised for different applications including accreditation pick ups and car parking booths. Smart, functional, fully air conditioned and available to be covered with your choice of branding and signage. Each booth has 4 windows with desks, cupboard space and chairs. Read more 

Hydration Stations for Hire

Fresh, potable water is a must for many events to prevent dehydration. Our cleverly designed and extremely hard wearing units made from stainless steel to aid in cleaning and disinfection can dispense potable water direct to bottles. All the taps and fittings are robust and self-closing meaning there is no waste once the button is let go. Coming soon is a new range of mobile hydration stations deliverable by 4 x 4 anywhere you need. All our stations are chlorinated and flushed before deployment and we can offer a sampling service if required to prove the potability of the water before being consumed. Read more 

Picnic Tables for Hire

A triumph in practicality, these tables can seat 8 average sized adults for eating. These are easily and quickly erected and great to transport as they flat pack and load onto carts which wheel directly to where they need to be. The elegant design and colour scheme make them an inclusive and all round element for your event. Read more

Tanks and Equipment for Hire

Splashdown Queensland can install a temporary water infrastructure for your event large or small. Using storage tanks and booster pumps we can deliver a variable rate supply to match the event demand, from a stand-alone anti-tamper storage tank to larger capacity storage options. Similarly, we can handle all your grey and black water waste and either pump this into storage to be tankered away or pumped directly to the drain if available. Read more